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Louisenhof’s Stefan Smit murdered

By , 3 June 2019



Various news sources report that Stefan Smit of Stellenbosch property Louisenhof was shot and killed in his house last night.

Louisenhof was the subject of a land occupation last year, this subsequently attracting in-depth coverage from the New York Times – see here.

winemag.co.za extends its condolences to the Smit family.


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    Bernard De Boer | 6 June 2019

    Tragic state of affairs.
    Our farmers should be able to place a danger pay mark up on their wines. More and more winemakers are likely to lean towards buying grapes in and making the wine remotely.

    Kevin R | 5 June 2019

    Good idea to raise global awareness. 2016 vintage, +70 murders, +350 farm attacks.

    Hennie Taljaard | 5 June 2019

    are farmers also murdered/attacked on a weekly basis in France, Australia and America? can we claim it an unique element of our terrior and state it on the back label? get people to think about it when they sipping on the wine?

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