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New Cape Wine Master announced

By , 12 May 2018

Conrad Louw, chairman of the Institute of Cape Wine Masters, Harry Melck and Kristina Beuthner, principal of the Cape Wine Academy.

The Cape Wine Academy and Institute of Cape Wine Masters have announced that Harry Melck has graduated as a Cape Wine Master.

Melck, an eighth generation descendant of the well-known Cape wine family, brings the current number of Cape Wine Masters (CWMs) to attain this qualification since it was first instituted in 1984 to 101. Melck is a chartered accountant by profession.

His dissertation was titled ”Strategy, Vision and Business Transformation in the South African Wine Industry”.  This dissertation is based on the findings from interviews and in-depth discussions with some of the prominent players in the wine industry and a broader survey sent to all wine producers in the country.

It covers the challenges and opportunities facing wine producers, the merits of the different business models adopted, and the varying levels of commercial acumen among wine producers in terms of setting a vision, developing a strategy and measuring success.

Another aspect includes the need for strategic change and measuring how advanced wineries are in their respective abilities to adapt to these changes to remain viable – and to take advantage of the opportunities presented.

An important element of the dissertation was an analysis of whether the initiatives and objectives set out for the industry and wine producers by the Wine Industry Strategic Exercise (WISE) to strive towards an adaptable, robust, globally competitive and profitable wine and brandy industry by 2025 are attainable from both perspectives. This WISE approach can be seen as a one-size-fits-all approach which might not meet the direct needs of the varying business models adopted in South Africa.

Finally there is a summary of what these findings mean for the future of wine production in South Africa, including the anticipated trends across producer types. Read it in full here.

Rosa Kruger, well-known viticulturist, now the driving force behind the Old Vines Project was designated Wine Personality of the Year. She receives it for her dedication to training in the field of viticulture and her passion for the old vines in South Africa, a project that she has nurtured since 2002.


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