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User Survey 2019: Favourite grape varieties

By , 21 February 2019

What kind of wines do users of this site drink? Here’s what you told us in our recently completed online survey:

Favourite varieties
Asked to choose up to three varieties from a list of 18 as to most liked, the top 10 emerged as follows:

1. Chenin Blanc – 43%
2. Shiraz – 36%
3. Cabernet Sauvignon – 32%
4. Pinot Noir – 30%
5. Chardonnay – 29%
6. Sauvignon Blanc – 18%
7. Grenache – 16%
8. Pinotage – 15%
9. Cabernet Franc – 13%
10. Merlot – 12%

A few of you pointed out that you prefer to make your wine selections according to the region rather than variety.

Stylistic preferences
In terms of style, wines that are dry and smooth scored most highly. Somewhat oddly, wines that are fruity are preferred equally to those that are savoury. Very few of you like wines that are overly tannic and even fewer wines that are semi-sweet or sweet.

Another question was included to explore how you feel about palate weight, 55% responding that your wine selection depended on the mood of the moment, while 24% said they preferred “rich and full-bodied” and 21% “elegant and light-bodied”.

534 responses were received. For user demographics, click here.


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