Carinus Family Vineyards Chenin Blanc 2018

By , 20 February 2019



Carinus Family Vineyards see distantly related Danie and Hugo Carinus growing the grapes across various holdings and the acclaimed Lukas van Loggerenberg making the wine. Tasting notes and ratings for the current-release 2018s as follows:

Carinus Family Vineyards Chenin Blanc 2018

Goes down like a fat kid on a seesaw.

Carinus Family Vineyards Chenin Blanc 2018
Wine Cellar price: R150
W.O. Swartland. The nose shows hay, citrus and peach plus a little lees contact-related reduction. Good fruit concentration, punchy acidity and a savoury, slightly bitter finish. At 12.5%, it’s a degree lighter in alcohol than the 2017 and it manages to be both deliciously more-ish and quite complex.

Editor’s rating: 91/100.

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Carinus Family Vineyards Syrah 2018
Wine Cellar price: R150
W.O. Stellenbosch. The nose is still rather primary with some delicate floral perfume before red and black fruit, pepper and spice. The palate is light-bodied with fresh acidity and fine tannins. Most appealing. Alcohol: 12.5%.

Editor’s rating: 89/100.

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    Danie Carinus | 25 February 2019

    Hi Kris
    Thanks for the feedback.
    Some of the folks selling our wine wanted a bit more text on the label to make it look a tad more formal. As with the rest of the label, the ‘single varietal’ is supposed to be tongue in cheek, taking a poke at formality and legislation. As you’ll see in the text on the label: “Made from old vines grown next to the long & winding gravel road that leads to redemption and enlightenment.”-we obviously can’t guarantee redemption and enlightenment. We rather try and create a relaxed vibe wherein one can enjoy the content of the bottle.
    If the label made you choose something else, I’d love to send you a bottle to sample-on us.

      James | 25 February 2019

      Hi Danie,

      Can confirm that i discovered enlightenment upon recent consumption of your wine. Think I might be beyond redemption, but if Kris doesn’t get back to you, send that bottle my way and i’ll give it another crack.

    Kris | 24 February 2019

    I saw this on a boutique retailer this week and noticed the text ‘Single Varietal’ which is the first time I’ve seen that mentioned on a front label as if it is a selling point such as ‘Single Vineyard’. I understand the legislation regarding the 85/15% rule, but is it only me thinking that this is another unnecessary and confusing terminology on labels which confuse the consumer, wine educated or not.

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