De Trafford Cabernet Sauvignon 2000

By , 25 March 2014





De Trafford reds are built like Lamborghini builds its cars was the analogy that came to mind on opening a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon 2000 from this Stellenbosch cellar over the weekend. 15% abv but the supercar-like specs don’t stop there. Included in the blend was 6% Merlot and 5% Roobernet (as you do) and the wine was matured for 22 months in barrel, 35% new French and 5% new American (as you do). RS 1.8g/l, TA 5.3g/l and pH 3.7.

It was a great bottle with super-concentrated, ultra-ripe dark fruit, licorice and tar but also the vaguest hint of herbaceousness. Rich and full but nothing out of proportion – the fruit still remarkably primary, the tannins still firm and forceful. Fresh, focused and long. You wouldn’t want to drink it every day but then again you wouldn’t take the Gallardo to do the school run.

Score: 93/100.


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  • Derek Prout-Jones25 March 2014

    I agree wholeheartedly with CE’s comments and score. At the time, many naysayers were picking on the alcohol content of these wines. However, to still be so “together” 14 years on, says a lot about the wine’s structure and BALANCE. I always age my de Trafford reds and the patience is always rewarded. Nice one!

  • Maggie Mostert25 March 2014

    This must be the funniest comment I have ever seen (especially on a wine website). But I concur – great wines but not for whimps.

  • Hennie @ Batonage25 March 2014

    I love De Trafford’s wines, but geez they’re not for wimps and for casually sipping while you watch The Big Bang Theory. We recently opened an Elevation 393 2006 as a casual after work drink and it got the better of Maggie after 1 glass. I persisted with the bottle and woke up at around 3 in the morning half on and half off the living room couch, with a spasming back, what appeared to be Orc blood on my hands (it was just the hugely extracted wine that stained me), no recollection of how I go home 8 hours previously or what my full names are. We promptly bought more of the wine.

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