Diemersdal Shiraz 2013

By , 22 August 2014





Supper last night at The Local Grill in Woodstock, an affiliate of Parktown North operation that has won the The Wolftrap Steakhouse Championships two years running.

My Greenfields free-range 300g sirloin with shoestring chips (R169) and Bearnaise sauce (R31) and beer-battered onions (R31) was good, so good that it ideally deserved a better wine list.

We opted for the Diemersdal Shiraz 2013 – expensive at R207 a bottle given that we’re talking about a wine one year from vintage which sells for R75 a bottle from the farm.

On reflection, however, it occurred to me that for those trying to keep a new restaurant in business, it probably doesn’t make a lot of sense to fuss about the wine list.  On the contrary, those umbrellas, ice-buckets and “emoluments” in exchange for listings must be just about impossible to turn down…


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  • wineO23 August 2014

    Unfortunately this specific group is greedy and some dont mind paying for listings. Same go’s for Turn n Tender now that Famous Brands owns it. Funny, I didnt pay listing fees at Tasha’s!

  • Kwispedoor22 August 2014

    I’m with Hennie. If you’re in that business, you need to try and make everything in your restaurant work, not just bits of it. If you choose not to take trouble over your wine list, you need to have much lower mark-ups (at the very least).

  • Hennie @ Batonage22 August 2014

    Had exactly the same problem when we ate there a month or 2 back. Food was decent, but I can get good steak anywhere, including at home. Having a mediocre wine list is not going to draw me back for another meal. If you can put effort into getting good meat, why not put effort into a wine list?

    It makes perfect sense to fuss over a wine list, even if you are trying to keep your doors open at the beginning. You are not going to lose customers if you have a good wine list, but you are going to lose customers if you don’t.

  • dionysus22 August 2014

    So steak is R169 plus onion rings R 31, plus Bearnaise Sauce R31…that is R 231. Add the bottle of Diemersdal Shiraz R207 and your total is R438. Crazy.

    Try Dimersdal themselves. R 120 for Sirloin and Bearnaise sauce, add bottle of Shiraz for R75. Total cost R195.

  • Colyn Truter22 August 2014

    hahahah well said Christian!!! and that unfortunately is what US smaller producers are up against when dealing in the trade!

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