Kanonkop Paul Sauer 2008

By , 1 August 2011


Apologies for the lack of postings recently but the deadline for Platter’s 2012 draws ever closer. Plenty of philosophical conundrums along the way. When is a particular wine “profound” and when is it simply “difficult”? Conversely, when does “light” become “slight”?

Again and again such questions are posed. When does awkwardness reflect potential as yet unrealised as opposed to an inherent shortcoming? Since I’m tasting sighted and therefore have access to technical analysis, do I champion reason over emotion  (“dry” over “sweet”, low pH over high pH and so on) or do I reward that rare wow feeling without consideration for how the wine is constituted?

On Saturday, a blend from a relative unknown which seemed more exciting than Kanonkop Paul Sauer 2008 and that really did my head in. As someone said to me recently, when doctors make the wrong diagnosis, they bury their mistakes. There might be less at stake with wine assessment but the results stick around a lot longer…


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