Radford Dale Nudity Syrah 2015

By , 4 November 2016



Radford Dale Nudity Syrah 2015

Nothing to hide.

Maybe I’ve become more tolerant of “laissez-faire winemaking”, maybe The Winery of Good Hope team have upped their game when it comes to their organically farmed, no sulphur added Nudity Syrah.

While I quite liked the 2012, I wasn’t entirely convinced and some discussion between Winery of Good Hope proprietor Alex Dale and me about the merits of natural winemaking followed (see here). For whatever reason, I didn’t get to taste the 2013 and 2014 but the current-release 2015 is entirely compelling.

The nose is wild and racy – red fruit, dried herbs, charcuterie and white pepper. The palate meanwhile is medium bodied – there’s more fruit concentration than the 12.5% alcohol might suggest – with lovely freshness and crunchy tannins. As for the finish, this is saline in quality and extremely long. Beautifully balanced and very more-ish. Wine Cellar price: R310 a bottle.

#WinemagRating: 94/100.

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    Thom | 14 April 2022

    I had the pleasure of enjoying a bottle of this at Aubergine restaurant two nights ago (is there any better wine list in Cape Town?) Anyway, this vintage is drinking BEAUTIFULLY right now. I envy any lucky readers out there who have a bottle or two stashed away. Much of Christian’s note from six years ago is still spot on. That nose is wild and racy as ever and there is still plenty of freshness. But those crunchy tannins have softened a touch and the acids are just so nicely in balance with everything else. Top notch! Also just goes to show that you don’t necessarily need all that sulphur to stabilise a wine over time. I don’t mean that as a blanket statement but this is definitely a great example.

      Tom Prior (Radford Dale) | 14 April 2022

      Thanks for this Thom, we enjoyed that one and great to hear. I wish we could offer something from the archive, but all out sadly.
      The 2019 is in stock at Wine Cellar in Observatory at R 285. It’s the best release since 2015 and I think you’ll enjoy it based on those notes.
      The grower sold up and this scruffy organically farmed vineyard is no more. The last Nudity Syrah bottling will be the 2020 release.
      All the best

    Kwispedoor | 4 November 2016

    Let’s just face it, Jacques de Klerk is a really compelling winemaker.

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