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    Neil | 10 December 2018

    Wow that’s not the response that I expected. It’s like not putting Coca Cola in the top 25 soft drinks of 2018. So Springfield 1997 (and more on this list that are included) ”is only as it should be”. Anyway that’s my final say. Cheers Christian, it is after all about (your) opinion.

      Jono Le Feuvre | 13 December 2018

      Neil, I feel like the title of the article is perhaps a clue to why the list appears as it does. Not because it is one man’s opinion (this is a point that doesn’t need to be stated. It’s a given).
      The article is called “Christian Eede’s 25 most memorable wines of 2018”. What I take away from the combination of the given title, and his response to your question is that there was nothing particularly surprising about his experience of the Vin de Constance 2014. It was “as it should be.”
      These 25 other wines appear to have been more “memorable”. Rather than necessarily the best. The Springfield 1997 is there, not least of all, due to the bizarre narrative that is carries with it (I would imagine).
      So if I were writing a list of most memorable soft drinks of 2018, I probably wouldn’t have included coca cola, unless they released a particularly controversial Super Bowl advert, or re-re-released a neon version of their cherry coke.

    Christian Eedes | 10 December 2018

    Hi Neil, While there’s no question about the high quality of Vin de Constance 2014, the argument could be made that this is only as it should be!

    Neil | 10 December 2018

    Vin de Constance 2014 forgotten or not considered 🙂

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