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Alvi’s Drift Muscat de Frontignan 2006


I’ve always gathered that sweet foods need to be matched by sufficiently sweet wines. If the wine is not sweet enough, it will taste sour and appear to be lacking fruit. What then to match with the late Lannice Snyman’s malva pudding, the recipe for which appears in her book Tortoises & Tumbleweeds – Journey though an African Kitchen (Lannice Snyman Publishers: 2008)?

We opted for Muscat de Frontignan White 2006 from Alvi’s Drift in Worcester . The wine (rated 4½ Stars in the 2008 edition of Platter’s) was flavour-packed with notes of raisins, orange peel and caramel. Thick in texture, it initially coated the mouth before a vibrant acidity kicked in to prevent the whole experience from becoming overwhelming. A marvellous food and wine combination.


  1. Malva pudding – a dessert made with apricot jam and having a spongy texture. Usually served with custard or ice-cream. According to Snyman: “Rumour has it that the name of the pudding of this famous Cape Dutch dessert comes from malvasia, the sweet fortified wine that accompanying tipple of choice”.

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