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Paul Cluver Chardonnay 2009

Kooky in the best way.
Kooky in the best way.

Last night songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Imogen Heap at the Paul Cluver Estate amphitheatre in Elgin. Heap’s a sort of UK-born Alanis Morissette or PJ Harvey-lite, her 2009 album Ellipse having won a Grammy for best engineered album, non-classical. What sets her apart is the use in her songs of electronics (plenty of beeps and clicks) as well as ambient sounds from nature (a log crackling on a bonfire, birds singing in a park).

A real treat then to see her live, especially with the fine wines of Paul Cluver to sip on throughout the performance. I found it impossible to resist the Chardonnay 2009, one of my top 10 wines of last year (see here).


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