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Cabernet Franc Challenge 2019: Results

By , 17 April 2019



Results of the fourth annual Cabernet Franc Challenge convened by Cobie van Oort, wine marketing consultant and organiser of the Cabernet Franc Carnival, were announced yesterday.

The judges were Christine Rudman, CWA lecturer Lizette Tolken, sommelier Greg Mutambe, retailer Michael Bampfield-Duggan and journalist Fiona McDonald.

The Top 6 wines for this year’s competition are in alphabetical order:
Hillcrest Saartjie 2017
Holden Manz 2017
Lisha Nelson 2017
Mulderbosch Vineyards 2015
Mulderbosch Vineyards 2016
Raats Dolomite Cabernet Franc 2016.

The Top 3 Blends were:
Landskroon Cabernet Franc Merlot 2017
Morgenster Lourens River Valley 2012
My Wyn Les Grandes Horizontales 2015 

The Vintage Category winner was Ormonde Private Cellar Ondine Cabernet Franc 2014.

The Value winner, a wine which offers the best value for money, was Bushmanspad Estate Cabernet Franc 2015, which retails at R130 per bottle.

The Top 6 Challenge winners can be tasted at this year’s Cabernet Franc Carnival which takes place at Avontuur Estate on Saturday, 18 May.  Christine Rudman will present three tutored tasting sessions, which must be pre-booked via the Carnival ticket site www.plankton.mobi as only 20 seats are available per session.  For more information about the Carnival and the tasting sessions visit www.cvomarketing.co.za


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    Mike | 18 April 2019

    All of the other gold medallists listed on Top Sa Wine Ratings page on TopWineSA.com

    Kwispedoor | 17 April 2019

    There are three winning 2015’s amongst the regular categories, while the Vintage Category has a winning wine that’s only one year older. Personally, I think that five year old wine is way too young for a vintage category. Five years is not nearly enough time to test a wine’s proper longevity and ability to mature with benefit.

    A question: is a list available of all the wines that were entered? I’m particularly interested in whether a Raats Family Cab Franc was entered.

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