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Chamonix appoints Neil Bruwer as head winemaker

By , 29 July 2019



Franschhoek winery Chamonix, which has arguably not been at its best since the departure of the talented Gottfried Mocke for Boekenhoutskloof in 2015, has appointed 27-year-old Neil Bruwer as head winemaker. Bruwer, who worked as junior winemaker at Chamonix from January 2016 to August 2018, returns to the farm after gaining experience at Stella Bella Winery in West Australia and Ponzi Vineyards in Oregon. Bruwer is a graduate of Elsenburg and was educated at Tygerberg High School in Cape Town.


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    Conwill | 22 August 2019

    Hi Christian what do mean by “Chamonix is arguably not at its best since Gottfried left”? Their wines have been reasonably consistent in terms of ratings since he left. I would be interested to know what you base this on?

      Christian Eedes | 22 August 2019

      Hi Conwill, For one thing, Chamonix’s Chardonnay has not fared well in the Prescient Chardonnay Report as convened by winemag.co.za in recent times but more generally, my comment is based on a sentiment I discern among colleagues in the trade – the winery seems to have lost the “X factor” it had under Gottfried.

        Conwill | 22 August 2019

        Hi Christian, I hear you but I don’t think it’s fair to base your claim on sentiments and one wine rating. The overall wines have fared reasonably well at Tim Atkin, Platters, etc after Gottfried left. I would say they did a decent job to maintain the standard Gottfried set. I remember they got x2 5stars on both Chardonnays after Gottfried left and maintain their First Growth status in the Tim Atkin report. Btw what were the Prescient Chardonnay ratings since Gottfried left?

    Adriaan | 29 July 2019

    Why does it matter that he’s 27?
    No one says “x” appointed winemaker “y” that’s turning 56.

      Christian Eedes | 29 July 2019

      Hi Adriaan, It certainly doesn’t “matter” that Bruwer is 27. But it’s somewhat newsworthy – just like if Erasmus picks a 23-year-old scrumhalf (Jantjies) or Hansen picks a 33-year-old centre (Williams).

    Luke | 29 July 2019

    What happened to Thinus Neethling??

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