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SA’s most expensive wines

By , 24 February 2021



4G Venetia’s Heart 2015.

Wine as luxury good or wine of the highest quality, price pegged to their global equivalents? Using R1 500 as the minimum threshold, here are South Africa’s most expensive wines currently available (or at least launched in the last 12 months):

Name of winePrice per 750ml bottle
4G Venetia’s Heart 2015R7 249
The. Cabernet Franc 2015 R5 000
Tokara Telos 2015 R4 200
Delaire Graff Laurence Graff Reserve 2015 R4 000
De Toren The Black Lion Shiraz 2019 R3 245
De Toren Book XVII 2018 R2 750
Eden High Density Single Vineyard Cabernet Franc 2018 R2 200R2 200
Longridge The Misterie Merlot 2015 R2 000
Waterford The Jem 2015 R1 950
Kanonkop Black Label Pinotage 2018 R1 900
Alheit Lost & Found Straw Wine 2019 R945 per 375ml bottle (equivalent to R1 890)
Klein Constantia Vin de Constance 2017 R1 250 per 500ml bottle (equivalent to R1 875)
4G Echo of G. 2012R11 000 per six-bottle case (equivalent to R1 833)
Avondale Navitas 2009 R1 800
Boekenhoutskloof The Journeyman 2017 R1 800
Delaire Graff The Banghoek 2017 R1 800
Vilafonté Series C 2018 R1 650
Le Lude Vintage Cuvée Agrafé 2013 R1 600
Simonsig The Garland Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 R1 550
Mullineux Olerasay 2º R765 per 375ml bottle (equivalent to R1 530)
De Grendel Sir David Graaff 2014 R1 500
Jordan Sophia 2015 R1 500
MR de Compostella 2017 R1 500
Neil Ellis Webb Ellis 2012R1 500
Rust en Vrede 1694 Classification 2016 R1 500
Shannon Black Merlot 2016 R1 500R1 500

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    Mike Ratcliffe | 3 March 2021

    A welcome trend and an interesting exercise reflecting growing and much-needed confidence from South African producers, but still a largely cosmetic overview. The emergence of this ‘halo’ trend should be welcomed and celebrated as ‘a rising tide raises all ships’.

    Including these wines into a table with price, production volumes, current vintage and sold out status would provide a more useful interpretation of the status of this category. Unless underpinned by solid supply and even more robust demand fundamentals, increased pricing of South African wines is largely ornamental.

    Finally, referring to these top SA wines at this level as ‘expensive’ likely reflects a domestic Rand purchasing-parity bias and ignores global context. It would be easy to argue that even the most expensive South African wines are not very expensive – but identifying value is subjective and can be much more controversial.

    This is a positive discussion.

    Udo Goebel | 1 March 2021

    I see the GM&Ahrens Agrandi Cap Classique 2012 for sale at R 6.500 so it should be added. But I wonder how many of these R2.000+ wines are actually sold?

    Mike | 25 February 2021

    Groot Constantia Grand Constance Natural Sweet is going for R771 for per 375ml bottle (R1542 for 750ml). Holden Manz Elysium (red blend) is at R1500, as is Asara’s Avalon (red blend). Also, GM&Ahrens Agrandi Cap Classique is going for over R6000 – but then much has to do with the beaded bottle…

    Charl | 25 February 2021

    Webb Ellis from Neil Ellis Wines.
    Goes for around R1500 plus.

    Andreas Sabin | 24 February 2021

    Here in Germany I would also add Columella from Sadie Family. Not sure what the price for it is in SA. Here above 100 Euros.

      Christian Eedes | 25 February 2021

      Hi Andreas, Columella 2018 typically sold for R920 a bottle locally – largely sold out.

        Billabong | 26 February 2021

        Another example of a fabulous wine moving towards being mainly for export. Selling at twice the price in Germany, even accounting for taxes and duties, no wonder the domestic allocation is low and largely sold out. How long will it take for Kanonkop Paul Sauer to go the same way? It’s probably better than all the wines listed above and is still sold domestically at half the priced the cheapest on your list. Buy loads of it for your cellar, whilst you still can.

    Top Wine SA | 24 February 2021

    Eden Cab Franc from Raats at R2200, Shannon Black (Merlot) at R1500. And there might be more: https://topwinesa.com/3is4

      Christian Eedes | 24 February 2021

      Hi Top Wine SA, Thanks for pointing out those two omissions, which have been added to the list accordingly. If anybody else knows of other wines selling for R1500 a bottle or more not mentioned above, please let us know.

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