Clay amphorae: The next big thing

By , 18 March 2016



Clay amphorae

Clay amphorae at Bodegas Castelo de Medina in Rueda, Spain.

How ubiquitous are clay amphorae as fermentation and maturation vessels set to become? On a cellar tour at Bodegas Castelo de Medina during my recent visit to Rueda, Spain, I noted half a dozen of them against the wall, their presence eliciting hardly any comment from our guide. Then a post this week on Facebook by Gabriëlskloof winemaker Peter-Allan Finlayson showing some of these vessels being installed at the Bot River cellar (see here). It seems concrete eggs are yesterday’s news…


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    Udo Goebel | 21 March 2016

    Or what about using the same clay as the the soil from the vineyard? Or at least from a nearby piece of land. Think Radio Lazarus …

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