Michael Fridjhon: Are wine listing fees anticompetitive?

By , 19 June 2015



Michael Fridjhon.

Michael Fridjhon.

“Are listing fees demanded by various on-consumption outlets bribes?” asks Michael Fridjhon in latest post on BDlive. “If the practice doesn’t add up to conditional selling, there is still something overtly anticompetitive about it,” he says, answering his own question.

He also goes on to name names – Madame Zingara restaurant group charging R8 000 per wine for a 12-month listing and The City Grill group charging producers over R13 000 to retain their 2014 listings.

Read the full article here.

Read former sommelier and now wine agent David Clarke’s article on the same subject from earlier in the year here.


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    Jan Laubscher | 25 June 2015

    Spur: R1 000 000 / wine
    Ocean basket: R100 000+ / wine

    Jeremy Walker | 24 June 2015

    Cape Town Fish Market has just offered me “the opportunity” to list Grangehurst wines on their list subject to a listing fee or R24,192 per wine. This is extortion. Name and shame these restaurant operators – and on a positive note, lets create a list of restaurateurs with integrity who select wines based on criteria other than what the winery is prepared to pay for a listing. Jeremy Walker

    David Clarke | 22 June 2015

    Good to have you on board MF!!

    Mark | 22 June 2015

    The question should also be asked, do you drink any of the brands that pay for listings?

    Kwispedoor | 19 June 2015

    Etters. Keep on naming and shaming, please, as I refuse to eat at any of these places.

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