Buitenverwachting Husseys Vlei Sauvignon Blanc 2012

By , 29 September 2016



Buitenverwachting Husseys Vlei Sauvignon Blanc 2012

The rewards of patience.

When will general appreciation for aged Sauvignon Blanc take hold in the market place? About the same time as Riesling attracts a meaningful popular following, I would guess. Regardless, the 2012 vintage of Buitenverwachting Husseys Vlei Sauvignon Blanc which winemaker Brad Paton showed at a media lunch yesterday was knock-out.

A very wide spectrum of aromas – everything from green bean and fresh herbs through Granny Smith apple, black currant and granadilla. The palate meanwhile had good weight as well as zesty acidity, the finish long and dry. A wine very much of a particular place. The 2016 is set for release shortly and will sell for around R150 a bottle.

#WinemagRating: 92/100.

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    Dana Buys | 30 September 2016

    Christian, I think the wine industry, driven by warm/hot climate volume producers, have done the wine drinkng public a huge disservice by getting most on the consumers to believe a Sauv Blanc should be consumed as early as possible and no later than the year of harvest.

    Wines made from early harvested grapes, from the wrong climates, dont last till the next harvest for sure. Those wines have done as much damage to quality cool climate sauvignon blancs as the over oaked chardonnays did to quality chardonnay a few years ago.

    Sauvignon blanc, along with the likes of semillon, chardonnay and chenin blanc from cool climates like Elgin, Constantia, Witzenberg, Elim and parts of Darling and Durbanville are much better in the following years than in its primary youth.

    Wine lovers miss out on fantastic, more complex wines due to the focus on consuming only young white wines. I really hope the cool climate regions manage to convince at least the smarter wine lovers that the best whites are best enjoyed a few years after harvest. Just like the quality chardonnays that have made a comeback in recent years, despite the ABC mood of a few years ago.

    I also believe that cool climate riesling is growing in popularity. Reality is that there are very limited cool climate vineyards in production locally, so there is never going to be a lot of high quality riesling available. Given what apple farmers realize per Ha of apples vs the low prices paid for grapes, this situation wont change anytime soon.

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