Jordan Cobblers Hill 2005

By , 10 August 2012



Well appointed.

There was some cheap drama a while ago when it emerged that Jordan Cobblers Hill 2005 labeled for the Woolworths Classic range which was rated 5 Stars in the 2010 edition of Platter’s was the same bottling which received 4½ Stars when the estate’s wines were reviewed the year before. Two different tasters encounter the same wine a full 12 months apart and only half a star in it? No real controversy if you ask me.

Opened a bottle last night to see how this wine is tracking and I have to say it’s a tough call deciding whether or not this wine qualifies as “Superlative. A South African classic” (the definition of 5 Stars in Platter’s) or falls just short.

It’s a blend of 43% Cabernet Sauvignon, 42% Merlot and 15% Cabernet Franc and spent 26 months in French oak. Alcohol by volume is 15% and make no mistake this is a big wine but one that does not sacrifice all finesse – there’s no dead fruit and no over-extraction. In fact, the wine is very polished as you would expect from this Stellenbosch cellar. Entirely appealing oak-derived chocolate and vanilla notes to go with sumptuous fruit.  Tannins, meanwhile, are smooth but not slippery and acidity about adequate. I guess it’s a wine you’re supposed to luxuriate in rather than intellectually engage with and ultimately I’d score it 17/20.


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  • Shane Gordon16 August 2012

    Sadly my experience of all Jordan’s top echelon of wines has been that they promise much in youth but fade faster than expected or desired.

  • Kwispedoor10 August 2012

    Something happened there in 2005/2006. From the 2006 vintage their wines were better across the board with earlier harvesting contributing in a big way. Their 2006 CWG Sophia was a real stunner, but even the Chameleon range offers proper quality now (though I haven’t tasted the newest releases yet).    

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