Radford Dale Nudity Syrah 2019

By , 7 April 2021



The 2019 vintage of Nudity Syrah from Radford Dale is the second-last vintage of this wine, the producer having lost access to the grapes after the Voor Paardeberg property was recently sold. Made as naturally as possible, in particular with zero additional sulphur, it has always sat at an extreme of the stylistic spectrum and its impending discontinuation will cause some disappointment and others none at all.

The 2019 is very much in the mould of its predecessors. Aromatically, the immediate impression is of red and black fruit plus intense black pepper but there are also notes of lavender, fynbos, olive and earth while the palate presents as lean, sour and grippy – wild at heart, to coin a phrase, and that’s either your thing or it isn’t. Price: R255 a bottle.

CE’s rating: 92/100.

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    Tony Glass | 7 April 2021

    “lean, sour and grippy” gets 92 points. Mullineux Syrah “pure and fresh with fine tannins before a finish that is long and dry” gets 93. Wow. The Eedes shiraz points scale is, as usual, mind-boggling.

      Christian Eedes | 7 April 2021

      Hi Tony, It was F. Scott Fitzgerald who said “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function” – lean and plush, while more or less opposites when it comes to wine, can both be positives; many seek out tartness as taste sensation witness the many sour cocktails that exist; and “grippy” goes towards bitterness and astringency – a matter of personal preference but not in themselves unpleasant, coffee and dark chocolate being popular precisely because of these qualities. I happen to like both Radford Dale Nudity 2019 and Mullineux 2018 for different reasons – hopefully, readers will have a better grasp of what to expect from each once they’ve read the respective tasting notes for these wines.

        Udo+Goebel | 7 April 2021

        Then I don’t understand your statement: ” that’s either your thing or it isn’t. “

          Christian Eedes | 7 April 2021

          Hi Udo, Are we are we about to have an argument about semantics? I’ll participate reluctantly but wine is hopefully a thing of joy in the end – if you feel you know so much more than me, either disengage or better still, start your own website.

            GillesP | 7 April 2021

            Hahaha you have a point Christian. I disagree with you probably 90% of the time but read your website every day. Very strange indeed.

            Greg+Garden | 8 April 2021

            Spot on Christian. I disagree with you about 30% of the time & also read your website every day – paying for the opportunity to help keep it vibrant. It’s pretty pointless to trash a free lunch, so I hope that all who engage are contributing to keeping this thing of joy alive and well. Nudity is a great name for this ugly beautiful and beautiful ugly wine. Scoring it blind I’d battle to give it 90. Scoring it after a second glass on day two after opening, and before and with a Karoo chop, I’d flirt higher. And if you leave some for day three, beauty not initially immediate to the beholders eye may well begin to entrance. I think the Mullineux is a better wine, but this is a wine that makes engaging and discussing wine a thing of joy and enlightenment

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