Theo Minges Dornfelder Trocken Pfalz 2001

By , 18 March 2011

Has a "hoendermis" nose.

“Stick this into a Pinot Noir line-up and nobody will be able to tell the difference,” said Laibach winemaker Francois van Zyl giving me a bottle of Theo Minges Dornfelder Trocken Pfalz 2001 picked up on one of his regular international excursions. I served it blind to James Pietersen, regular taster for Platter’s, and he detected chicken-shit on the nose accompanied by red fruit on the palate, which convinced him it was a medium-bodied Pinotage, so not a million miles off the mark.

According to the Oxford Companion to Wine (Oxford University Press, 1999), Dornfelder is a cross between Helfensteiner and Heroldrebe and “incorporates every important  red wine vine grown in Germany somewhere in its genealogy and happily seems to have inherited many more of their good points than their bad”. Sure to take the world by storm, then.


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