VinJeanne Rosé 2010 vs. Morgenster Italian Collection Caruso 2011

November 28, 2011
by Christian
in What I Drank Last Night
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Not completely silly.

Given the choice between a glass of still rosé and a double Tanqueray and tonic with a fresh slice of lemon and lots of ice why would anyone opt for the former? Bottom line is I really don’t get pink wine.

On hearing this, part-time winemaker Jean-Marie Kritzinger felt sure she could sway me and insisted I try her VinJeanne Rosé 2010, made in the style of Provence and predominantly from Upper Hemel en Aarde Valley Shiraz (R40 a bottle).

To keep me honest, I opened it next to Morgenster’s Italian Collection Caruso 2011 from Sangiovese and a serious take on rosé if the price of R78 a bottle is anything to go by.

Two totally different styles, with VinJeanne showing clean, pure red cherry fruit and bright acidity while the Caruso was characterised by rich strawberry fruit and soft acidity. I liked the perkiness of Kritzinger’s wine (score: 15/20) while I found the Morgenster offering bordering on the insipid (score: 14/20) and is precisely why I don’t normally care for rosé.

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One Comment

  1. Shane GordonNovember 30, 2011 at 12:32 pmReply

    Hi Christian

    I have to concur about not really appreciating Rose style wines. There is a SA Rose which I have tasted and can recommend to you as a Rose which merits a tasting. It is a Provance style Rose and is made by Waterkloof: Waterkloof Circumstance Cape Coral Rose . It is a beautiful delicate pink colour and has a nose filled with light strawberry and cream aromas. It is vinified from Mouverdre. It is delightful and a perfect accompaniment to poached salmon; Marie Rose Prawns or even straberries on their own or as a desert etc.. as well as being a delishous summer afternoon tipple.


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