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Lourens River Valley 2003

A keeper.
A keeper.

The motivation behind the 10 Year Old Wine Awards instituted last year was to explore the age-worthiness of South African reds and out of 73 wines from the 2003 vintage entered, both the Morgenster and the second-label from the Somerset West property namely Lourens River Valley placed among the top 10.

A cousin’s 50th birthday party celebration was held at Italian restaurant Magica Roma in Pinelands over the weekend and wine selection fell to me. The Lourens River Valley 2003 was available at R280 a bottle which I thought represented excellent value for money and we made short work of two bottles – very much in a classical vein and properly food friendly.

Unfortunately, they happened to be the last two bottles in the house and when a third bottle was required, the 2006 (R240 a bottle) of the same wine was offered and accepted. In a more modern, richer and fruit-forward style it was less to my taste but others at the table preferred it!

Are SA’s reds of 2004 going to be put under some scrutiny in terms of the 10 Year Old Wine Awards this year? Unfortunately, the competition is currently without sponsor so if you know of anybody with some spare cash and an interest in determining which local cuvées go the distance, drop me a line.


  1. It would be a crying shame if the 10 year old awards were to fall away. I think we drink many of our top wines way too young and we don’t give them nearly enough time to develop. It really is a worthy exercise seeing who can go the distance.


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