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Backsberg main farm sold

By , 10 December 2020



Backsberg, Paarl.

Simon Back, CEO and the fourth generation of his family to be involved in the running of Backsberg in Paarl, confirms that the main farm has been sold.

Official statement as follows:

“At Backsberg, we have a portfolio of farms and interests. We believe that for a family wine business to succeed over the long term, that it needs to evolve in keeping with a change in generations, roles, ambitions and skills. In gearing for the future, Backsberg has sold its main farm. The Backsberg wine business and brand is very important to us and we are excited to re-envision the business model in line with this change. Covid has taught us all the necessity of rethinking and reimagining, and we are using the opportunity to do just that. We remain committed to our mission of making fine wines an everyday pleasure.”

Back was not at liberty to reveal who the buyer is.


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    Mike | 16 December 2020

    So Backsberg sells some of their land, but won’t say to who or for how much… and they aren’t leaving, and will continue making wine as they’ve done before. So not much has changed then… not much of a story then?

      Mike | 18 December 2020

      Christian? It’s being reported elsewhere that Backsberg sold to Babylonstoren (Koos Bekker), and that the Back family will be relocating?

        Christian Eedes | 18 December 2020

        Hi Mike, It’s pretty much an open secret that Babylonstoren have bought Backsberg but no official statement forthcoming as yet. The Backs to retain the Backsberg brand but not sure how they intend to make/source wine…

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