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Plaisir de Merle sold

By , 16 December 2020



Plaisir de Merle, Paarl.

After 45 years of corporate ownership by producer-wholesaler Distell, the Simonsberg-Paarl property Plaisir de Merle has been sold to the Jordaan family of Bartinney Wine Estate in the neighbouring Banhoek Valley (Michael Jordaan is the former CEO of First National Bank and now head of investment vehicle Montegray Capital).

Plaisir de Merle was originally granted to Huguenot Charles Marais in 1693. Today, it is a 961ha in size with some 400ha under vineyard and a 1000-tonne capacity cellar. It rose to prominence in the 1990s when the late Paul Pontallier of Chateau Margaux became involved as a consultant.

The Jordaans will take ownership on the 1 April 2021.

The main farm of nearby Backsberg was also sold recently – see here.


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    Johanna Aletta Nel | 17 December 2020

    CONGRATULATIONS to the Jordaan Family. Absolutely exciting!!!!!
    Oh my goodness it is incredible. Enjoy the moment. Extremely happy for you.

    John Kalmeyer | 16 December 2020

    Plaisir de Merle was originally granted to Huguenot Charles Marais in 1693, taken from indigenous people without compensation. Handed over generation to generation, then sold for millions centuries later. This injustice will never be undone for the fear of foreign investors and investments. This black government is allowing group of the population to have total control of economy, whilst the they’re all to happy to line their pockets through corruption and “tenderderpeneurship’’.

      AvN | 17 December 2020

      Please do note that there was only one indigenous people to the Southern Africa called the Koi-San. All land should be returned to them, and the rest of us should go back to where we came from. But let us also all take with what we created to ensure the land is restored to it’s original state. Some of us will be traveling very light, and I am not sure all will be welcomed back from where they were chased from originally.
      O wait, this is a winemag article. Apologies.

    Mike | 16 December 2020

    Please can you tell us how much Plaisir de Merle sold for? And who will be the winemaker from 2021 – or will all of the staff be retained in the employ of the Jordaan family? Interesting that the announcement of the deal came more than three months in advance of the property actually changing hands… Do Distell still own any prime vineyards anywhere, or have they now sold off the last of their best with a view to buying in most if not all of their grape requirements from now on? Must be quite a bit more to this story,…

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