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Shiraz SA Challenge 2019 results

By , 16 May 2019



171 entries were received for the seventh annual Shiraz SA Challenge, the top 12 as follows:

Babylonstoren 2017
Bellingham The Bernard Series Basket Press Syrah 2016
Driehoek 2016
Driehoek 2017
Flagstone Dark Horse 2015
First Sighting 2017 (Strandveld)
Kruger Family Reserve 2016
KWV Cathedral Cellar 2016 (Stellenview)
Neethlingshof 2015
Quoin Rock 2015
Rhebokskloof Black Marble Syrah 2016
Wellington La Cave 2017

There were 36 Shiraz-based blends entered, the top three as follows:
Alvi’s Drift Albertus Viljoen Bismark 2017
Babylonstoren Babel 2017
Eikendal Charisma 2017

Shiraz SA is the official association and mouthpiece for all producers and aficionados of South African Shiraz.


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    James | 17 May 2019

    I understand that you can only rate what’s in front of you (that evidently remains a secret), but i struggle to see how this information can be of any value to anyone. What is the context? What else was entered? Did they pay to enter? Who were the judges? What was their criteria? Were they tasted blind or sighted? etc. etc.

    These competitions are supposed to be help consumers make purchase decisions. When there isn’t transparency, they just muddy the waters.

      Jenny van Vuuren | 20 May 2019

      James – at the risk of sounding like a wise ass – did you actually bother to do some research of your own before you vomited this comment? Click on the link above that takes you to the Shiraz SA website. There’s a link there to the competition. It answers most of the questions you ask. You can’t expect to be spoonfed – do some work of your own.

        James | 21 May 2019

        Hi Jenny,

        Yes, i did look for more details – and not just on the website. In fact the reason for my comment was the lack of information available. If i’m not mistaken, the website offers the results of last year’s competition, and it doesn’t answer most of my questions.

        I’ve clearly struck a nerve. This was not the intention. I’m sure there is great merit in the competition, but for it to be of genuine value, we need more context. A good start would be to know the other entrants.

        My apologies if I’ve overlooked anything.

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