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Topical pic: Stranveld’s Conrad and Suzan Vlok celebrate success

By , 21 October 2010



Strandveld's Suzan and Conrad Vlok.

Strandveld’s Suzan and Conrad Vlok.

Pictured alongside are Conrad and Suzan Vlok of Elim property Strandveld, who have  two wines in Wine magazine’s 2010 Sauvignon Blanc, namely First Sighting 2009 (from multiple vineyards and including 9% Semillon) and Strandveld 2010 (single vineyard).

Neil Pendock got it nearly right when he wrote in his blog prior to the announcement of the Wine magazine’s Sauvignon Blanc Top 10 that “(he was) betting 70% of WINE’s Showcase will be made from Theo Basson’s Darling grapes” (see here).

Grapes for the top wines were sourced as follows:

Anura Unfiltered Reserve 2010: Darling

Cederberg 2010: Cederberg

De Grendel Koetshuis 2010: Darling and Durbanville

First Sighting 2009: Elim

Graham Beck Pheasant’s Run 2009: Darling and Durbanville

Graham Beck Pheasant’s Run 2010: Darling and Durbanville

Sauvignon.com 2010: Durbanville

Strandveld 2010: Elim

Darling Bush Vine 2010: Darling

Groote Post Reserve 2009: Darling

Darling fruit therefore featured wholly or partly in 60% of the wines. Only De Grendel and Graham Beck buy grapes from Darling farm Alexanderfontein, owned by Theo’s brother Nico.


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    AJ | 21 October 2010

    Predictions of weather patterns changing and subsequent new vineyard sites have proved right again! All quality producers who also show that price doesn’t have to play a part in a blind tasting. 

    Kwispedoor | 21 October 2010

    The Bassons have undeniably gorgeous Sauvignon fruit, their Alexanderfontein version being (considering multiple vintage consistency) perhaps the best value for money Sauvignon in the country. The only really good Sauvignon that Bellingham has made in the last few thousand years (their 2007 Sauvignon Blanc with a dash of Semillon – still drinking gorgeously a few weeks ago) also had a good dollop of Basson fruit in there.

    Colyn Truter | 21 October 2010

    that is quite amazing isnt it?? but look at the TOp producers who didnt score anything remarkable…also is this a panel decision for tasting profile???? then of course a certain region will do better!!!

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