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Villiera sold

By , 21 February 2023



Stellenbosch property Villiera has been sold to Iwayini, the South African sudsidiary of GCF (Grands Chais de France), a company owned and run by the Helfrich family.

Cousins Jeff and Simon Grier started Villiera as a family-owned business in 1983 with Cathy Brewer (née Grier) later joining the team to head up the sales, marketing and export divisions. With all of Villiera’s current directors now heading into their mid-sixities, succession planning has been underway for the last three years – the Grier family will remain involved in the running of the Villiera business for the meantime to ensure continuity (Xander Grier, nephew of Simon, remains as a winemaker).

Iwayini purchased Neethlingshof last year and subsequently went in search of a Cap Classique producer which led to the deal with Villiera. The property remains the home of the Pebbles Project, providing children from farming communities with access to quality education programmes and health, nutrition and social work services as well as the Villiera Wildlife Sanctuary.


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    Sandy Von Falkenhausen | 16 July 2023

    Salt of the earth family, wishing the Grier’s everything of the best!!

    Gareth | 23 February 2023

    Many an outing with friends on the Stellenbosch wine route has started in their cool, shaded courtyard with a flight of different bubblies.
    I served Villiera MCC from magnum bottles at my wedding. I was given a generous discount by the Grier family when they heard it was for my wedding.
    A bastion of fine quality for a very fair price, I hope things don’t change too much at Villiera. Good luck to the Griers

    Chaswit | 23 February 2023

    In an industry where ego is never in short supply the Griers have always been a breath of fresh air. They just got on with what they did and did it so well. In their quiet way they added so much to South African wine in both product and ethos.

    Matt Louwrens | 22 February 2023

    It’s sad when a family business gets bought out by a foreign company “looking for a producer of Cap Classique”
    There is no romance in that.
    Perhaps the press release missed the point Which is that Villeria produces a magnificent champagne,
    I’m not calling a Nqanolo=Spotted Dikkop a Thickknee nor a Witkruis Arend a Verreaux Eagle just because I’m expected to do so.
    I’m not so excited about the prospect of hard-nosed French accountants making important decisions from afar.
    When you love the land and respect its people you start to produce better vintages. To the Grier family, well done. Wrap it up and move on.
    Perhaps those cooler slopes between Elgin and Aghulas?
    Kindly. Please don’t leave.

    Anthea Eedes | 22 February 2023

    Oh my word, there’s nothing more certain than change…!

    The Grier family are such a major family in the South African wine industry. I LOVE their Villiera Barrel Fermented Chenin Blanc 2021.

    And through the Harold Eedes Charitable Trust I get to visit the Pebbles Project and needless to say, get an opportunity to taste and buy wine!

    Lindi | 21 February 2023

    Villiera has some of the best bubbles and wine and I buy it often, I really hope the quality will remain!

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