The North Coast wine scene

By , 16 July 2014



Wine by Portugal, ice-bucket by SA.

Wine by Portugal, ice-bucket by SA.

Just back from a family holiday to the KwaZulu-Natal North Coast and I was reminded once again how fragile the domestic wine culture is. Wine lists in restaurants are typically short and dominated by the fare offered by big distributors – it seemed to me that Meridian and Vinimark both have a good presence here with Distell surprisingly lagging behind. What Eben Sadie or Chris Alheit are up to probably has more resonance in London than it does in Ballito and that’s despite the plethora of NUR-number plated Porsche Cayennes.


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    Lauren | 17 July 2014

    It is an abomination that serious wine culture only seems to extend to the boundaries of the Western Cape. All of us in the wine industry, be it wine makers, marketers, wine writers and PRs, should question why this is the case.

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