Waterkloof Sauvignon Blanc 2010

By , 17 September 2013





It says something about the Sauvignon Blanc from Waterkloof on the slopes of the Schapenberg that I’ve written about it as often as I have. I liked the 2008 well enough here, was blown away by the 2009 here and then was underwhelmed by it here and most recently was confounded by the 2012 here. Something of a tempestuous relationship, it would appear.

Last night the 2010, fermentation beginning spontaneously in old 600-litre barrels and taking about a year to complete. This was less ripe, less oxidative and hence more compelling than the 2012 drunk the day before. Yellow apple through black currant, thankfully nothing “green” about it. Great concentration and the high-voltage acidity which is the hallmark of this wine.  Once again an extraordinary analysis with the abv being 13.5%, RS 4.6g/l, TA 8.9 g/l and pH: 2.89.

Score: 89/100.


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  • James19 September 2013

    Thanks, Christian. Does that mean you would expect this wine to age well? Or is the connection not that clear-cut?

  • James17 September 2013

    Hi Christian,
    Excuse my ignorance, but could you explain why that analysis is “extraordinary”? I gather the ratios between the various readings are strange but I’d be interested to understand what that means for the wine.

    • Christian17 September 2013

      Hi James, I’m no winemaker (and as Adam Mason of Mulderbosch once famously said to me, “I’ll remember that”) but on the face of it, the Waterkloof has a normal abv, higher than usual RS, very high TA and very low pH. In the most basic terms, RS goes towards palate weight, acidity goes towards, well, yes, acidity and pH goes towards the magic factor – the lower, the better, as a rule.

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