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The Restaurant at Waterkloof closes

By , 9 November 2020



The Restaurant at Waterkloof, number three in the Top 10 at last year’s Eat Out Mercedes-Benz Restaurant Awards, has closed. In a statement via social media, chef Gregory Czarnecki announced that “it has become impossible to follow our business model” on account of “these strange and difficult times”  – read the full document here.

Last service will be lunch on Sunday 22 November.


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    GillesP | 11 November 2020

    I certainly regret it as I have fond memories of an Easter lunch there a few years ago. One thing though that lost me as a potential returning client is the imposed set menu with no options they rolled out for about last two years if I am correct. I found it not to my liking that a restaurant doesn’t give you choices and options on the menu. Maybe the local clientele started to feel the same about this.

    Mark Kronenberg | 10 November 2020

    I’m shocked but at your prices you really cater to the $ market. Change your business model. You can do it. 👍

    Mike Lombardi | 10 November 2020

    I was at the Deli, this morning and was told of the sad news … what more can one say, apart from the very best for the future, to the whole team

    Uwe | 9 November 2020

    It’s dramatic that you can not survive and we feel sorry for everybody of you. We hope that all of you find a future and see us again.
    You gave us view times the best time of our life. All the best for all of you, thank you Waterkloof –

    Marianne | 9 November 2020

    Yes but are they even trying.There are many restaurants in Cape Town combining take away options with reduced menu more affordable menu for locals reduced opening hours.We must keep jobs going.It seems like easy way out for rich owners.

      Marcus | 10 November 2020

      @Marianne… how is that an easy way out for the “rich” owners, when all they would need to do is simply close the restaurant??? Really??? Seriously??? Are you trolling??

      Uwe | 10 November 2020

      @ Marianne
      You are serious?
      Waterkloof a restaurants located in a central location perfect for take away?
      Maybe you think again about your suggestion to compare walk-in customers in Cape Town and your judgment on allegedly rich owners?

    Sybs | 9 November 2020

    Sooo sad. We feel for you with all of our being!

      JP | 10 November 2020

      Why does the establishment purport to be at Stellenbosch on their letterhead, although the address is Sir Lowry’s Pass Rd, Somerset West?
      I drove passed there today, and can confirm they are situated on the outskirts of Somerset West.
      Why, oh why do especially wine and food establishments mislead the public to being in Stellenbosch?

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