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Best Sommelier of South Africa 2016 announced

By , 11 January 2016



The South African Sommelier Association (SASA) today hosted the inaugural Best Sommelier of South Africa competition, the winner set to participate at the Best Sommelier of the World competition to be held in Mendoza, Argentina this April.

Gareth Ferreira (centre) accepts the inaugural Best Sommelier of South Africa award.

Gareth Ferreira (centre) accepts the inaugural Best Sommelier of South Africa award.

Gareth Ferreira, currently working at a 67 Pall Mall, a wine-focused private club in London as assistant head sommelier, won the title.

There were nine other competitors in addition to Ferreira, these being: Joakim Blackadder (Hoghouse) who finished as second runner-up, Manuel Cabello (Ellerman House), Jeanette Clarke (Ex-Amino), Spencer Fondaumiere (Burrata), Denis Garret (Benguela Cove), Marvin Gwese (Cape Grace), Ralph Reynolds (Karibu), Jean Vincent Ridon (winemaker and consultant), the first runner-up, and Roxan Waldeck (Delaire Graff).

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    Neil Grant | 13 January 2016

    The competition is run under the rules and regulations of the ASI (international sommeliers association) who own the sommelier world cup. The rule is that you may compete if you have worked in the country in the last 3 years. Gareth worked at the Saxon as a head sommelier up until 2014. Allowing him to compete. Gareth however now works with Master Sommelier, Ronan Saybrun who is the head sommelier and Gareth his assistant.Gareth was also the first South African to pass the Court of Master Sommeliers advanced exam and therefore is more than qualified. This is also the case with the winners of the ASI competition in Spain and Poland, who both work in London. We’re excited, that for the first time a South African will competing in Argentina at the sommelier world cup.

    Kwispedoor | 12 January 2016

    Good points, Udo. I also want to know.

    Udo | 11 January 2016

    BEST SOMMELIER OF SOUTH AFRICA Works in London as assistent? What does that say about the rest? Why would you allow sommeliers who work outside SA to participate?

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